dear poet, learn. for survival.
the silk-thin thread. parting the
worlds. between ‘complicating’
and ‘contradicting’
Donte Collins

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

W. Durant

Wait, should I give them a chance?

The truth is, when I was a kid I was chased by seven dogs.

That’s what made me hate dogs.

So I was like snow white and the seven dogs.



A year had pass, but here I am writing in my boring, anonymous blog. Blurting out the words I never intend to tell to anyone.

A year had pass, but I’m still here, to the place where I was born. To the place where I learned how cruel life can be.

A year had pass, but it seems that the darkness that grows inside my body had finally swallowed my entirety.

A year had pass. Nothing has change. Except for the fact that the hope i tried to cling to is vanishing away. I’ve never felt so hopeless before.


Do you ever wonder if the sea and the sky really meet?

I keep remembering all the bad things I did

To know what’s truly going on with a person in detail is a very difficult thing.

Even if you live you feel like a sinner.

Now, how will you live?

Now, should you just die?

(Even if its hard now, after some time, everything will be forgotten. After you eat or poop, you will be able to smile. One day.)

Buffling Q

For people who made up their minds to die, there aren’t any who don’t have their circumstances.

How bad must it have been for them to want to die?

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