October 2015

Short Term

I hate how our memory works. It can easily forget the happy moments but it can determinedly describe the dreariest experiences.


Its hard when the people you want to love  are the one who build walls to keep you away. Its hard to think that after a long time of pushing yourself to be with them, to stay with them you end up hurting yourself with the realization that whatever you do, it won’t be enough.

I want to be a good person

I want to be a good person but no matter how hard I try I keep on sinning.
I know that committing a sin is natural for human being. But I keep on committing the same sin. It’s like I’ve never learned at all.
I want to be a good person but no matter how hard I try my sins pulls me down.
I feel that I cant escape. There is no way I can escape from it.
I want to be a good person.
I tried to change what I’ve done. I tried to undo every single sin I’ve committed. I regret everything. I chased my regrets and end up creating new ones. And I cant help but hate myself for it.

Self-righteous Entity

When you tell other people that what they do is wrong, then you do the same thing, A piece of advise; Don’t feel too good about yourself. Your not right. Your not kind. Your not virtuous. your not upright. Your self-righteous. Your a hypocrite.

Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Try/Fail Cycles with Yes, But/No, And

Source: Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Try/Fail Cycles with Yes, But/No, And

You were supposed to be different

Felicity Writer

I always have trouble in writing. The problem is I cant write when I’m happy. Well, I can write. A bit. I can write when I’m happy but not as beautiful and as imaginative when I’m sad. I think it rooted from the fact that when I’m sad I don’t tell anyone about it. What I do is grab a pen and a notebook then vent out all my anger and frustrations in it. I want to write whether I’m sad or happy or whatever emotions I have. I want to write in every angle of my mood. I want to write everything. I want to write about happiness.

Everybody has a chapter they don’t read out loud

Dont trust them

I learned that we shouldn’t depend too much to people. people are very cunning creature.
Don’t trust your friends. They’ll leave you when everything’s wrong. They’ll leave when your starting to fall. Yes, they’re always behind you. they’re always behind your back, but will they guard it. Don’t trust them. You may think that I’m a pessimist but I’m not. I’m a realist. It happens to everyone.

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